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Clouser Minnow with Rabbit

Fly tying bench - saltwater fliesThe Creature – by Captain Justin Rea

Hook:Mustad all purpose salt water 2/0-5/0
Thread: Chartruse
Rabbit: Cross cut tan, zonker cut Chartruse
Crystal Flash: Pearl

Rubber legs: Green silly legs

Eyes: Lead dumbell

About the fly:

This fly was designed for snapper and grouper. This is a very easy tie but very effective for fishiing the channels or mangroves for grouper and snapper.

Clouser MinnowStep 1
Tie in behind the eye and create two little humps for the foundation of the lead eyes.







Step 2
Tie the lead eyes on using the figure eight wraps and then wrap all the way back to where the thread hangs down next to the barb.

Clouser minnowStep 3

Tie in the crosscut rabbit strip leaving a tail one and a half the length of the hook. Tie it in so the hair is pointing away from you so when you palmer the rabbit forward it will lay back torward the bend.

Step 4
It should look like this.

Clouser minnow

Step 5

Next tie in a about 4 strands of crystall flash.







Step 6
Tie in a set of rubber legs so they lay of both sides of the fly as shown.

Clouser minnow flyStep 7
Next take a zonker strip and push it through the hook and then tie it off at the head. I usually start with a long peice and