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Cobia Fly

Fly tying bench - saltwater flies– by Captain Justin Rea

Hook:Gamakatsu SC15 Wide Gap 2/0, 3/0, 4/0
Thread: White 3/0
Hackle: Whiting American rooster saddle White and Grizzly
Chennile: Cactus Pearl

Eyes: Plastic black or lead eyes tied underneath

About the fly:

This fly is great for all kinds of creatures. But I tie it for Cobia. Basically it just looks like a big bait fish that the Cobia can’t seem to resist.

Cobia fly fishingStep 1
Tie in a 50lb piece of mono to keep the tail from foiling.






Cobia fly pattern

Step 2
Add a good bunch of White marabou.







Cobia flyStep 3

Tie in 3-4 white hackles splayed out on each side and then add some pearl blue light brite on top.

Cobia fly

Step 4
Tie in one grizzley saddle hackle on each side of the fly. Then figure eight wrap your mono eyes onto the top of the hook. If you want to add some weight tie in lead dumbell eyes but tie them in underneath so the fly will ride correctly with the hook down.




Step 5

Next tie in the cactus chennille and wrap forward making sure to figure eight wrap around the eyes and then tie off and glue.