Cuda Bowl 2016

Many thanks to all the great people who came out to fish in the 2016 Cuda Bowl. We started this tournament six years ago to bring awareness to the species of barracuda and to give our guides some business in the slower part of the season. This year was our largest event yet! We had 61 anglers on 38 boats participate in the event. Unfortunately this was the first year that Mother Nature didn’t cooperate. We had to cancel fishing on the first day of the tournament due to extremely high winds. The second day of the event there were a lot of fish caught and we were very happy with the outcome since it was a one day event at this point.

So congratulations to everyone for getting out there are giving it their all for the Cuda Bowl. We have made a difference in helping to show that barracuda is a perfect gamefish and should be protected.

Grand Champion Spin Division

Chad Brown from Traverse City, MI

137.75 inches

Guided by Derek DeYoung of Old Mission Peninsula, MI


Grand Champion Fly Division

Nathanial Linville of Key West, FL

122.25 inches

Guided by Capt. John Benvenuto of Key West


Top Lady Angler

Heidi Andrews of Jackson, WY

99 Inches

Guided by Capt. Chris Trosset of Key West


1st Runner Up – Spin Division

Ted Margo of Fort Worth, TX

132.5 inches

Guided by Capt. John O’Hearn of Big Pine Key, FL


1st Runner Up – Fly Division

Will Beggs of Hayesville, NC

61 inches

Guided by Capt. Zach Stells of Big Pine Key, FL


Runner-Up Spin Division

John Schwab of Marathon Key, FL

130 inches

Guided by Capt. Dustin Huff of Marathon Key, FL


Runner-Up Fly Division

David Kohledge of Key West, FL


Guided by Brandon Cyr of Key West, FL


Largest Barracuda – Spin Division

Ted Margo of Ft. Worth, TX

51.5 inches

Guided by John O’Hearn of Big Pine Key, FL


Largest Barracuda – Fly Division

Nathanial Linville of Key West, FL

45.25 inches

Guided by Capt. John Benvenuto of Key West, FL


Most Barracuda Releases

Lance Gleason of Missoula, MT

Guided by Capt Jared Cyr of Key West


First Runner Up Lady Angler

Lacey Kelly of Chiefland, FL

84 inches

Guided by Capt. Jared Cyr of Key West, FL


Runner Up Lady Angler

Lynn Bell of Cudjoe Key
47 inches

Guided by Capt. Rob Kramarz

The tournament is in memory of Ben Gravett who had fished in the Cuda Bowl since its inception in 2011. Ben passed away in 2014 and we have named this event in his honor. He would love it if we all still had as much fun!

Ben Gravett Team Trophy

Jamie Gravett of Warrenton, VA

Steve Brown of Warrenton, VA

Guided by Capt. Pat Bracher of Cudjoe Key, FL


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