Today marks the first day of fall. Here in the Keys summer has been hanging around. The heat of summer will stick around for a while longer I imagine. The nights are starting to cool off which is a sign there is relief on the horizon.

September has already been a tremendous month for permit and bonefish. It’s so nice to see the population of bonefish so healthy.

The beginning of September we had the Redbone S.L.A.M. tournament and the Redbone SuperFly. These events are a tremendous fundraising event for Cystic Fibrosis. I had the pleasure of fishing Cal Collier, Jr. again in the Super Fly. We started out the day getting our tarpon and were on the way to a bonefish spot when BAM! one of the blades of my prop fell off. And for those of you wondering – no, I didn’t hit anything. So while a friend and fellow guide, Capt. Rob Kramarz, went well beyond the call of duty to get another prop and schlep it out to me on the flats, we managed to pole over to a few flats and get our bonefish.

After being broken down for about three hours we got going again and stopped at one more spot early afternoon to get the final piece of the puzzle – a permit.

When we returned to the dock we found that Nathaniel Linville had also caught a slam but he had landed his last fish later that afternoon.

We were so ecstatic to actually win the SuperFly after our breakdown that we decided to spend the next two days of the Redbone S.L.A.M. tournament searching for the target species but also enjoying the Keys waters and doing a little snorkeling and lobstering along the way.

The weeks to follow have been calm, steamy hot and really great for fishing. As we head into the official fall months we will see the air cool down and in some cases the fish will be a lot more active.

The offshore waters have been heating up and coming into October and November the blackfin tuna will move in plus there will be mahi-mahi, wahoo and sailfish. The bait supply is already very good which always helps.

I do have a little time open in early October due to a cancellation. If you are thinking of coming down for some shallow water fishing the fall is a perfect time!

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