Tarpon on the oceanThe last few weeks have really been the extreme in wind and weather. From mid-March the winds have been harsh in all honesty. After another few days last week of sitting-around-because-it’s-raining-again we finally caught a break!

April is historically known to be the beginning of the tarpon migration. At least that’s how it’s written in many of the magazines or books out there. Fact is there can be tarpon here all year long and if the temperatures are right they can start sliding through late January to February.

But let’s talk about the past few days – great tarpon movement and some great fish landed. I certainly love it when a plan comes together. I really look forward to this time of the year. A lot of my anglers are not just clients but have become friends that I look forward to seeing and fishing with.

The fish are going to be laid up in the basins and move on the ocean and along the Gulf edge. Early morning they can be difficult to see for the untrained eye. I always tell people to look for purple. That seems to describe their coloring especially in deeper water or where there is darker bottom.

Bonefishing has not been all that bad either. Look for the bones to be abundant throughout the next few months into the fall. They are a great species and sometimes the most forgiving for the novice fly-rodder.

Offshore I’ve heard the yellowtail bite is really good. Although I don’t head offshore much this time of year I can certainly refer a few great guides to do the deep sea fishing.

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