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What is Flats Fishing?

Shallow water is abundant in the Lower Keys and Key West. In fact when you fly into Key West International Airport take a look around and you will see the vast areas of shallow flats with sand and turtle grass. In between there are deeper channels and basins. This is where some of the most sought after fish in the Florida Keys swim every day of the year.

Fishing on the flats is a great experience for anglers of all abilities. Getting the hang of casting a spinning or fly rod takes some practice but a patient guide will help get you going in the right direction. The guide uses a shallow water skiff that is 17 feet in length. The boat holds up to 2 anglers and the guide comfortably. These boats are made for running in and poling in water less than a few feet deep.

Once your guide has reached the area he wants to fish he will shut down the motor and begin poling the skiff with a long graphite pole. This enables you to get closer to the fish and also go where you would not be able to go with the motor down.