How To Stretch A Fly Line 2014-09-23T17:50:44+00:00

How to prepare for your saltwater fly fishing experience – stretching your fly line

There are so many fly lines on the market today that require stretching prior to fishing with them.

First pull the line off the reel and put it on the deck. Tight coils will indicate a line that needs stretching,
most do if they have not been used or the line is brand new.

Start at one end of the stripped out line and apply medium pressure on a section of the line pulling
against your heel with both hands on either side of the section of line.

Another alternative way is to grab a section of line and hold tight with one hand on one side of the section
the other hand on the other side of the section. Pull the line across your body while extending both
arms as far as you can.

Move to the next section of line and repeat the steps above.

Last, make a cast using all the line you just stretched and strip it back into the cockpit of the boat.