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Key West fishing for sharks

Sharks : Bonnethead shark, blacktip shark, lemon shark, bull shark
Sharks are spectacular on the flats. There is nothing like seeing a bull shark pushing water on a flat while half his body is out of the water! There are many species of sharks that populate the flats around Key West. They make for a great fish fight on light tackle and on fly. Bonnethead sharks look like the son of the hammerhead shark. These sharks are aggressive and quick moving. They love shrimp, crabs, and any strip bait you have to offer. Bonnethead flies are popular in rust and gray with small dumbbell eyes. The next step up are blacktip, spinner sharks and lemon sharks. These are all good beefy looking fish that fight hard and don’t give up easy. They are plentiful in the Marquesas and are more active in the winter months. The bull shark is the largest of common sharks around the Keys. The one pictured here is 200lbs. and he got so mad at us he actually bit the side of my boat. We release all sharks unharmed on my charters.

Sharks cruise the flats just as much as all the other flats species. There are a few different types of shark such as lemon, bonnethead, spinner, blacktip and bull sharks that are seen on the flats searching for their next meal.

Fishing with a plug and sometimes with a piece of bait works best to fish for shark. They will also take a fly when presented effectively. Sharks are a lot of fun both on spin tackle and on fly, they make long runs and some even jump trying to throw the hook.