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Wreck and Reef fishing in Key West

mutton-snapperWreck & Reef Fishing / Key West Offshore Fly Fishing / Tarpon Fishing in Key West

Here in Key West there are so many ways to fish and so many species you can catch in our waters. Wrecks provide habitat for the bottom dwelling fish as well as migratory fish because they also hold plenty of bait. In the lower Keys there are many wrecks that are shared by both fisherman and divers. Wrecks are in shallow and in water as deep as 240 ft. There are many different structures including a tugboat, large ships, airplanes and submarines. A few years ago there was a new ship sunk off Big Pine Key for a artificial reef, the wreck was the Adolphus Busch Sr. It’s new home is in 100ft. of water and provides a great habitat for many species of fish.

We will fish all types of wrecks. In the fall and winter the tuna, bonito, wahoo and sailfish are in and around deep wrecks off the Keys.

We use live bait to get these fish excited and get them to the surface. Hooking these fish is a lot of fun and a lot of action. We also send down a live bait to the bottom for a mutton snapper, grouper or amberjack. Fall happens to be one of the best times to be offshore for light tackle fishing.

Reefs are loaded with snapper and grouper in the Lower Keys. We may visit many different rock piles and reefs during a day of bottom fishing. With some chum and bait, the results should be good with some fish to cook for your dinner.

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