We have already had a very interesting year to say the least. I cannot express enough how supportive my clients have been during this time. The Keys were closed for a few months time and although it has kept the number of COVID-19 cases down, it has hindered our tourism business tremendously. I have to say that we are lucky to live here. The waters are more beautiful now and the water is so clear. I have never been a big fan of the cruise industry, now it is much more apparent the damage they do to our marine ecosystem. Since we don’t have any ships coming to port, the water has remained so clean and clear.

Our fishing has been good lately. Tarpon have been swimming but with the passing of the moon the fish have slowed down or disappeared for a bit. Probably looking for those palolo worms. They will be back, it happens every year.

Meanwhile the permit are back on the flats in full force. We’ve seen many schooled up and feeding on crabs. It’s remarkable to see them all together and with their heads poking out of the water now and again to slurp up a crab.

Bonefishing has been the most consistent. During my time off I was able to go find some new spots (some where you’d never think there would be fish) and it has been so fun to see bonefish come back so strong.

In the months ahead I see us having a great summer of fishing here in the Keys.



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