We were fortunate to get literally no weather from Hurricane Matthew here in the Lower Keys. Fortunately the storm spared a lot of our friends in the Bahamas and up the east coast.  As almost always right before a cold front or a change in pressure the fishing can really turn on. And that it did! My anglers last week were fortunate to get in some good fishing for tarpon, bones and permit.

October is a spectacular month for shallow water fishing in the Keys. In particular the permit fishing can be really, really good. There are a lot more larger permit on the flats again and they will stick around for a while now, pending any harsh cold fronts that roll through.

The winds in October can range from very calm to blustery. This coming week the forecast is calling for wind but the fortunate thing about windy conditions and permit is that we are able to get a lot closer to the fish without them noticing we are there. The noise of the waves masks the noise of our skiff.

And although fly fishing in the wind is something a lot of people are not used to, I cannot stress enough how important it is to practice your cast a bit before you get here to do the real deal. Getting the fly out there in two false casts is ideal. Sometimes the fish will not give us much time to move around and sometimes just the movement of a cast can scare them off. This month the fish seem to be on the hunt more for food and feed actively, puffing mud is their dead giveaway.

The tarpon fishing will not be ask active and juvenile fish will be in selective places. October is the greatest opportunity for bonefish and permit this fall, take advantage of it if you can.

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