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Key West Offshore Fly Fishing – Sailfish, Tuna, Kingfish, Dolphin

If the flats are not your game and you want to give your fly tackle a run for its money, try some offshore fly fishing. Sailfish, kingfish, tuna, mahi dolphin, cobia, jack crevalle and bonito are just some of the species you can fish for with a flyrod here in the Keys.

Your guide will catch live bait and then use it to get the fish excited and feeding near the surface, then you make your cast to one of these monsters and hold on for a great fight on a fly rod.

Some of the best opportunities on fly in the deep water are during the fall tuna run which starts in November and in the spring for mahi dolphin, and tuna once again in the Gulf of Mexico. Tuna school up where shrimp boats clean their catch in the early morning.

This type of tuna fishing is a blast and is the perfect opportunity for anglers to feel the pull of a tuna without having to cast too far. It’s a weather permitting trip though since we have to go quite a ways to find the shrimp boats.

Please visit these reputable Key West guides for offshore fly fishing. These guys are some of the best in Key West for light tackle and offshore fly fishing charters.

Captain Rush Maltz – Odyssea Fishing Charters
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