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Rea’s Triple Threat Fly

Rea’s Triple Threat

The Creature – by Captain Justin Rea
Published in Saltwater Fly Fishing Mag. Feb/Mar 2007


Hook: Mustad C47S D: size 2 for permit, size 1 for bonefish and size 1/0 for tarpon.
Thread: Chartreuse 6/0 (140 denier).
Tail: Tan craft fur and four strands of root beer Krystal flash. You may color bars on the tail using a brown permanent marker.
Collar: Rabbit fur dyed olive.
Body: Tan EP Fibers tied on top of the hook shank and slipped short. To tie the permit Three Punch, brush the fibers out to the sides of the fly and clip to form the shape of a crab. Apply a light coat of head cement on top of the fibers so the fly holds its shape.
Eyes: Small black monofilament eyes for the tarpon, small black bead chain eyes for the bonefish version, and small lead dumbell eyes for the permit pattern.
Weed guard: The bonefish Triple Threat has a weed guard of 40- pound test mono.