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Hook:Mustad all purpose salt water 2/0-5/0
Thread: Orange
Marabou:Orange, Black
Hackle: Whiting American rooster saddle Grizzly-orange
Hair:Orange deer belly hair

About the fly:

This fly works extremely well for all kinds of sharks. Fly fishing for sharks can be very difficult at times. I have found that with this fly I am able to lead the shark enough so he doesn’t spook and still not have the fly sink all the way down to the bottom. The deer hair head not only helps hold the fly in the fishes zone but also pushes water and attracts the fish.When the fish gets close to the fly I start retreiving the fly with short quick strips followed with longer slower ones. When the fish starts tracking the fly it is important not to stop the retreive. Just keep the fly moving until the shark takes hold of the fly. One hard strip is all it should take to set the hook then hold on!!!!


Step 1
Start the thread about mid-way down the hook shank.
Step 2
Add a good bunch of orange marabou.
Step 3

Tie in 4-5 grizzly orange hackles on each side splayed out Tarpon style.

Step 4
Tie in a black marabou callor all the way around.
Step 5Spin a clump of orange deer belly hair around the hook and pull the hair back as shown here. Here you can repeat the process one or two more times until you work up close to the eye of the hook.
Step 6Tie off the fly and give him a hair cut.