April was a very good month for tarpon fishing this year. One of the best I’ve seen in years. The weather cooperated, the fish cooperated so everyone is happy. Tarpon could be found on the ocean or Gulf and in backcountry basins. Sometimes patience is needed to find the right fish to eat a fly. Generally they swim high in the water column and are slower swimmers.

A windy start to the month of May has kept a lot of boats off the water but those who did make it out found out the tarpon don’t mind the wind. Although it’s tough for most fly anglers to cast in a heavy wind, the chop on the water helps mask the sound of the boat and enables us to get closer to the fish.

Hopefully this wind will calm down soon. May is the time for tarpon and inevitably the Palolo worm hatch will happen at some point this month. The tide and moon have to be right and generally not a very windy day for it to happen.

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